NIAB TAG Network revitalises link between research and farm

11 Jun 2010

The views of farmers and agronomists have been central to the development of NIAB TAG’s new membership scheme, launched at Cereals 2010.

NIAB TAG Network combines NIAB’s expertise in varieties and seeds with the comprehensive combinable crop management and agronomy information delivered by TAG, into a single set of new, innovative and dynamic membership packages.

NIAB TAG Network replaces the NIAB Association and TAG Direct brands from October 2010.

“Between them NIAB and TAG have over 3,000 members,” says Stuart Knight, Director of Crops and Agronomy. “NIAB TAG Network has been developed following an extensive consultation process with members listening to their needs and suggestions.

“It is clear that farmers and advisors want trusted and accurate sources of impartial, technically innovative and practical information aimed at maximising crop performance and profitability. They also want the ability to customise the information they receive to make it pertinent to their business, with a priority on locally-relevant variety and agronomy information,” explains Mr Knight.

In response to the consultation members will have access to a wider range of subscription options, allowing them more choice in the type of information and services they require.

A progressive new research programme is being introduced, with a focus on opportunities to improve productivity and efficiency through joined-up approaches to managing soil, crop, variety and agronomy. This will be supported by new trials work to understand better the impacts of husbandry on the relative performance of varieties to help fine-tune their selection.

Members will also benefit from enhanced services and publications, including a significant development of the member-only technical area of the NIAB TAG website at, coming online during 2010/11.

“What hasn’t changed is our strong reputation for independence and integrity, alongside robust science and rigorous trialling. Members still have access to unsurpassed information and expertise on variety selection and management, including exclusive member-funded trials and research programmes. And we remain committed to encouraging input from members in developing our local trial priorities and national research strategy.

“NIAB TAG is uniquely placed with the specialist knowledge, skills and facilities to support the development of improved crop varieties and agronomic techniques and to evaluate performance and reliability locally and nationally. Launching NIAB TAG Network will ensure the benefits of those advances are transferred effectively onto farm fulfilling the expectations and needs of our members,” says Mr Knight.


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