NIAB supports #Farm24 campaign

4 Aug 2023
NIAB staff member Marielle assessing oats in a NIAB trial
From 5am on 3rd August to 5am on 4th August the agricultural sector took over social media showcasing the role of UK farming with the Farmers Guardian campaign #Farm24. NIAB joined in showcasing how breadth of our work supports the UK agricultural industry.

Throughout the day, we shared images of staff at work from our HQ in Cambridge, East Malling in Kent and beyond to show you 24 hours of plant science into practice. Here are our best posts:


NIAB staff holding up banners supporting #Farm24

NIAB staff supporting #FARM24

Combine harvesting at NIAB HQ trial grounds

The only way to really kick off #Farm24 is with a Harvest23 photo! This is from our HQ trial grounds between Cambridge and Histon.

Blackcurrants growing at NIAB East Malling - ready for harvest.

We have a blackcurrant trial with Ribena that is ready for harvest, looking at gall mite control. These mites cause big bud disease and are the vector of blackcurrant reversion virus, one of the biggest threats to blackcurrant production.

NIAB staff member Shona assessing oats

This Shona is harvesting some oats to check for upper culm node hairs.

Trials combine

A trials combine parked up and ready to roll for #Farm24...

NIAB seed analyst evaluating a tetrazolium vigour sample

NIAB seed analyst evaluating a tetrazolium vigour sample

With the sale of peat in the retail horticultural sector set to be banned by 2024, here are some peat-free growing media trials we're currently evaluating at #NIAB.

NIAB soil scientist evaluating a soil auger

This is Nathan, one of NIAB's soil scientists. Today he's been evaluating the best auger for determining larger bulk density samples at the long-term new farming systems trials at Morley.

Attendees at NIAB Potato Day showing their support for the #Farm24 campaign

Attendees at the NIAB Potato field day at Eastoft Grange, Lincolnshire, showing their support for #Farm24.

You can catch up with all our #Farm24 content and more on NIAB's social channels: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.