NIAB launches five year plan of research and service provision

18 Nov 2020

NIAB has published ‘Looking forward to 2025’, setting out the organisation’s strategic objectives for the next five years.

The document focuses on NIAB’s three main pillars of business -  agricultural crop research, agronomy and farming systems and horticultural crop research – outlining the broad aims of each division over the next five years and future areas of research.

NIAB’s overwhelming priority is the development of higher yielding, more climate resilient crops through applied research, the outcomes of which can be transferred effectively onto farm through the organisation’s extensive industry partnerships and NIAB membership schemes.

NIAB CEO Dr Tina Barsby said, “'Looking forward to 2025' highlights NIAB's wide range of current and future capabilities and our ambition for the future. Climate change at the forefront of our research priorities. Our aim is to use the knowledge of how genetics, environment and management interact to increase quality production and cope with a more variable and changing climate. Our ambition is to provide world-class research, information and advice to support crop production through innovation in crop genetics, precision agronomy and knowledge-based decision support tools.”

Download ‘Looking forward to 2025