NIAB hosts molecular diagnostics service as CHAP Partner

5 Oct 2020

NIAB has launched a new molecular diagnostics service on becoming a partner of the AgriTech Centre Crop Health and Protection (CHAP).

NIAB will host the new service at its Cambridge site, for use by researchers in both commercial and academic organisations.

It will work on DNA/RNA sequencing using a Illumina MiSeq. A 384-well capacity quantitative PCR machine will allow medium to high-throughput genetic analysis of samples, while the high-resolution capillary electrophoresis machine will enable NIAB scientists to identify minute mutations and/or alterations to genetic material. In addition, the laboratory will offer high-throughput measurement of absorbance, luminescence and fluorescence profiles of samples in its molecular devices SpectraMax i3x plate reader.

CHAP CEO, Fraser Black said: “We are delighted to welcome NIAB as a category B partner of CHAP, with their expertise coupled to the extensive molecular diagnostic capability. We are looking forward to working together to promote and develop agri-tech innovation across the sector that will drive impact.”

Dr Tina Barsby CEO of NIAB said: “NIAB is pleased to be hosting the molecular diagnostic capabilities which will complement our existing offer to the industry, and provide CHAP partners with the necessary commercial facility to deliver the requirements of our shared goals in driving forward sustainable, productive agriculture.’’