NIAB EMR and Meiosis announce new collaborative working relationship

27 May 2020
Malling Centenary strawberries
The joint managements of NIAB EMR and Meiosis Ltd today announce details of a new collaborative working relationship.

The agreement gives NIAB EMR immediate worldwide control and management of all current and future marketing and licensing rights for the varieties which to date had been managed by Meiosis.  Instead, the parties will together explore licencing opportunities in countries further afield, not currently growing varieties from the Malling berry breeding programmes. To support this transition, Meiosis will continue the role of royalty collection for a fixed period of time.

Commenting on the new agreement, NIAB EMR Managing Director Professor Mario Caccamo explained “We have a very ambitious programme of future research and development for our berry breeding and having direct management of the varieties gives us the ability to invest and allocate resource in a more dynamic and responsive way.  Likewise, we see the opportunity to work with Meiosis and their evolving specialisation on variety assessment, promotion and delivery in more challenging licensing territories as key to fully leveraging the potential of our variety development programmes.”   

Steve McVickers, CEO of Meiosis highlighted the evolving role of variety promoters and optimism for the future “Meiosis recognise that breeders increasingly want to play a bigger role in the market development of their varieties, particularly in their home markets.  The opportunities in international markets are equally interesting but pose challenges that call for more specialist skills and experience.  This agreement is part of Meiosis’ repositioning itself as a leading variety manager and plant material provider in developing markets.  Our integrated structure that includes management and production of Mother Plant and High Health stock, root and plant propagation and world leading expertise makes us a very desirable partner for both breeders, international growers and fruit marketeers.”

NIAB EMR is the UK’s leading horticultural research organisation based in East Malling, Kent. Its varieties dominate the country’s retail strawberry shelves with Malling Centenary being the most successful June bearer currently in the market.  Latest releases including strawberries Malling Champion, Malling Allure and Raspberries Malling Bella and Malling Charm are showing great potential.

Meiosis is part of the Nuclear Stock Association Group. designing and instigating development programmes that will maximise commercial potential of new varieties across the globe. The Nuclear Stock Association Group, through its Meiosis and Terraplanta subsidiaries, specialises in the international management of IP, High Health planting stock and propagation.

For more information contact:
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