NIAB and TAG integration will re-connect the science base and practical agriculture

1 Oct 2009

The National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB) and The Arable Group (TAG) have joined forces to create a national, independent crop research and information centre.

The integrated group brings together the resources needed to support the development of improved crop varieties and inputs, to evaluate their performance and - through applied agronomy research and farmer communication - to ensure the benefits are transferred effectively into practical agriculture.

“Our vision is to revitalise the R&D pipeline to create the UK’s pre-eminent crop research, trialling and knowledge transfer centre,” said NIAB chief executive Dr Tina Barsby, who will lead the new group.  

“The complementary skills within the two organisations will provide a unique source of research expertise and technical services, with a presence at all levels within the crop production sector.  Extending the capabilities on offer within a single group will also open up exciting new opportunities to attract additional sources of funding, to bid for broader research contracts, to train and recruit new research agronomists and scientists, and to invest for the future.”

The new group will continue to develop its research in genetics, pre-breeding and applied agronomy, complemented by unique strengths in knowledge transfer, demonstration and agronomy information.  It will have its headquarters at NIAB in Cambridge but retain a network of regional offices, with around 200 staff in total.  Combined turnover will be more than £12m from a range of funding sources including membership subscriptions, levy boards, Government, research councils and private sector contracts.  

The TAG brand will be retained by NIAB. Subscription services to TAG members and NIAB Association members will initially remain separate, although both sets of members will start to see benefits from the integrated group immediately as a result of the broader technical expertise on offer and increased local and national trials coverage.  Over time, new opportunities to add value to membership offers and services will be made available.    

“NIAB and TAG are both independent charities whose not-for-profit objective is to promote competitive, productive and sustainable agriculture.  Our organisations share a strong reputation for independence and integrity in providing expert research and information, focused on the needs of progressive farmers and growers,” said Tony Pexton, NIAB Board Chairman.

“A new group combining NIAB’s core skills in plant genetics, pathology, variety evaluation and seed testing with TAG’s strengths in applied agronomy research and farmer communication will be ideally placed to meet the crop research and information needs of UK farmers, allied industries, levy boards, research councils and Government,” he added.

“Working together, NIAB and TAG provide the basis for a reinvigorated connection between the science base and practical agriculture, allowing transfer of research into practice, and providing a clear route for farmer feedback to influence future research priorities and objectives,” said outgoing TAG Chairman Geoff Elliott, who joins the NIAB Board.

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Dr Tina Barsby, Chief Executive, NIAB
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Geoff Elliott, TAG Board Chairman
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Stuart Knight, Director, TAG
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