NEWS: NIAB CUF's David Firman awarded first Potato Council fellowship

19 Jan 2015

NIAB CUF’s, Head of the Potato Agronomy Research Group, Dr David Firman has received the first of three £150,000 Potato Council research fellowships to help develop the next generation of leading potato scientists.NIAB CUF at NIAB Cambridge Open Day

Announcing the award at the CUPGRA conference, in Cambridge 16 December, Potato Council’s Dr Mike Storey said, “The aim of the Research Fellowships is to help retain key technical skills within the industry. This fellowship provides the opportunity for a new researcher to work alongside an experienced scientist of Dr Firman’s calibre.” 

Under Dr Firman’s guidance the project will study tuber formation and specifically assess the effects of differences in stolon architecture on variation, greening and other quality attributes such as tuber size distribution and diseases such as common scab.  

“As well as addressing the research needs of the industry now, the award will help develop experimental and analytical skills in a new researcher that will enable them to better leverage new funding and effectively conduct further work of value to levy payers in future.  The new researcher will be actively encouraged to engage with industry and ensure that they develop their Knowledge Transfer and communication skills as well,” enthused Dr Storey.