NEWS: Check for yellow rust on all wheat varieties

18 Apr 2017

The UKCPVS team at NIAB is looking for plant samples showing yellow rust in winter wheat varieties:

  • Costello
  • KWS Crispin
  • KWS Siskin
  • Evolution
  • KWS Silverstone
  • Crusoe
  • RGT Illustrious.

We rely on samples sent in by growers, agronomists, plant breeders and official trials operators, so we can check for new variations of these key wheat and barley diseases.

If you have yellow rust in any of varieties listed above please immediately contact Dr Sarah Holdgate (01223 342200, sarah.holdgate [at] (email), @holdgatesarah or @niabtag). We may visit you to check and sample the plants in the field, or arrange for special postage to ensure the samples arrive in the best condition possible.

For yellow rust in any other varieties please following the UKCPVS sampling instructions and use our FREEPOST address.