FREE EVENT: Interaction between cultivations and rotation - STAR Open Day 29 May 2012

14 Apr 2012

Long-term rotation studies are rare in our industry due to short-term commercial and financial pressures, but they can provide powerful agronomic and financial information for UK farmers.STAR Open Day

The Sustainability Trial in Arable Rotations (STAR) Open Day is your opportunity to visit a unique long-term fully replicated field-based study examining the interaction between four different cultivation methods and four crop rotations.

Our researchers and advisors will highlight the long-term impact on crop agronomy, grass weed populations, soil structure, yield and margin and advise how this research can be put into practice on your farm.

Speakers include:

  • Ron Stobart, NIAB TAG, introducing the STAR project and summarising key findings
  • John Cussans, NIAB TAG, on rotations and grass weed management
  • Nathan Morris, NIAB TAG, on soil structure and management in farming systems
  • Paul Armitage, PGRO, on legumes and pulse crops in the rotation
  • Tim Pratt, LEAF Demonstration Farmer, on management for environmental biodiversity


The STAR Open Day, on 29 May at Stanaway Farm, near Otley in Suffolk, is free and open to all.

Download the STAR Open Day flyer here, book a place by info [at] (email )or phone Angus Hamilton on 01223 342344

The NAC STAR Open Day is also a LEAF Technical Field Day. The STAR project is funded by the Felix Cobbold Trust, and managed by NIAB TAG under the National Agronomy Centre initiative.