Community Resource for Wheat and Rice Transformation - application process open

30 Apr 2019

The Community Resource for Wheat and Rice Transformation is a resource for UK plant scientists to apply for their genes to be transformed into wheat or rice free of charge, funded by the BBSRC’s Biological and Bioinformatic Resources fund (BBR).

The current round of the application process is open until 24th June 2019, for transformation slots in the autumn. See the application form for more information and to apply.

Any enquiries should be directed to croptransformation [at] in the first instance.

One hundred novel genes will be tested during the course of this five year project, selected with help from an external project advisory group comprised of researchers, industry members and stakeholders.

We anticipate that half of the project capacity will be used by scientists working with model species such as Arabidopsis thaliana or Brachypodium distachyon, in order to find new sources of genes and to encourage and support the scientists to test them in wheat and rice.

The project also provides capacity to characterise 50 regulatory elements in wheat and rice. Promoter and terminator sequences will be included for their expression in a wide range of tissue types. Researchers can either nominate promoters to be included in this project. Further details are again available on the website.