Anglo-Mexican collaboration launches Malling™ raspberry varieties in Mexico

3 Oct 2023
Malling Bella® raspberries
NIAB and Viveros de Excelencia S.A. de C.V. (VIVEX) have announced a new deal to support the growth of the highly anticipated raspberry varieties Malling Bella® and Malling Charm®, from NIAB’s Malling™ Fruits portfolio, in Mexico.

The collaboration includes the launch of the semi-exclusive ‘Malling Bella® and Malling Charm® Club MX’, with a select few of Mexico’s largest raspberry producers licensed to grow the proprietary Club varieties.

NIAB has appointed VIVEX as the Club’s exclusive agent and plant propagator. VIVEX will be responsible for the coordination of the propagation, technical support, auditing, and royalty collection.

Luis Armando Paul, commercial manager at VIVEX said: “Malling Bella® and Malling Charm® have proven to adapt and perform well under the temperate Mexican climate. Most importantly, these high-yielding varieties are great for exporting, which is key to our market opportunity. Current grower trials have also shown these varieties are easy to manage and are resistant to key pests and diseases which are two decisive elements from the grower standpoint.”

William Roberts, Business Development Manager at NIAB added: “Great varieties are determined by good genetics and an extensive support package from plant propagation through to fruit production. This partnership between NIAB and VIVEX will allow our companies to combine their unique strengths, resources, and expertise in variety development to provide exceptional service to the licensed club members.”

The collaboration brings together world-class genetics and the propagation of these varieties in Mexico, making the domestic supply of quality plant material more readily available to the growers.