The 2022 Bentley Nelstrop Medal for Enterprise and Innovation – James Cockram

11 Mar 2022

Congratulations to Dr James Cockram who has been awarded the 2022 Bentley Nelstrop Medal.

The annual in-house award, initiated by former NIAB Trustee Bentley Nelstrop, celebrates exceptional contribution to innovation and enterprise by an individual or a team from within NIAB – values that James has more than exceeded since he joined the organisation in 2006. His nomination highlighted James’s outstanding contribution to NIAB’s research portfolio and the dissemination of scientific findings, which has helped hugely in shining a spotlight on NIAB’s research and its resources to the wider scientific community.

NIAB CEO Professor Mario Caccamo said that the case for James’s win was overwhelming. “A programme leader in molecular genetics at Cambridge, James has led 20 research projects over the past 16 years, and has published over 70 papers, of which almost 40 of these were published in the past three years. James has, and continues to make, a significant contribution to NIAB’s impact in plant science research, including his involvement with the MAGIC wheat population programme.”

Dr Sigrid Heuer, Head of Pre-Breeding at NIAB said, “James is one of the most prolific scientists I know, with a truly impressive publication record and broad expertise. Due to his kind and open-minded character and creativity, James is great to work with and I consider myself very fortunate to have him in my team!”

Nominations for the award can be in the areas of scientific research, business processes or a contribution to NIAB’s position in the market place, including new products and services. Other factors are taken into account including any financial benefit to NIAB, a streamlining of systems and procedures and possible savings and public relations and the applicant’s contribution to the good name of NIAB.

The Medal itself was designed by sculptor Janet MacLeod, wife of former NIAB Director John MacLeod, and features a plant cell in the anaphase stage of mitosis.

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