Cambridge Crop Research

Dr Tally Wright

Tally is a quantitative geneticist and data analyst working with Dr Keith Gardner, programme leader in quantitative genetics at NIAB. Tally works across a range of ongoing research projects in Cambridge Crop Research division and is involved in the analysis and design of a number of diverse and important NIAB wheat collections.

Dr Bart Fraaije

Bart's role at NIAB includes research into new crop protection tools, fungicide resistance monitoring and developing optimal disease control programmes for fungal pathogens on cereals and other crops.

Dr Ji Zhou

Dr Ji Zhou leads NIAB’s (Cambridge Crop Research) Data Sciences Department since his appointment in January 2020. He also holds a professorship at the China-UK Crop Phenomics Research Center, Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU, China) and is an honorary senior lecturer of Computer Vision at the University of East Anglia (UEA, UK).

Dr Pauline Thomelin

Research interests

I am working as part of the Genetics and Breeding group at NIAB. My research focused on root biology and genetics for the development and validation of root ideotypes in wheat through the identification and characterization of de novo alleles.


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