Agronomy & Farming Systems

Keith Truett

NIAB regional and on-farm agronomist in the south-east, Keith Truett is a former farm manager with a wide experience of different soil types, crops, large estates and small farm operations, cultivations, operational detail and organisational logistics, in various parts of the country. He is most at home as part of a team helping to contribute towards the future of the countryside and the prosperity of farmers.

Dr Elizabeth Stockdale

Elizabeth has over 25 years applied soil and nutrient management research experience and has engaged with a wide range of research projects connected with the study of nutrient cycling in soils and with the environmental impact of farming systems. At the smallest scale she has applied isotope dilution techniques to investigate mineralisation, immobilisation and nitrification processes. Most recently she has been very active in developing farmer-focussed approaches to measurement of soil health and developing on-farm toolkits for improved soil management.


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