Providing services beyond the field

NIAB delivers a range of independent glasshouse services to industry and research customers via its glasshouse technical team. Crop husbandry experience in hundreds of different plant species has enabled us to deliver bespoke trials and other services, with a track record of designing and following protocols with full traceability.

We specialise in tailored projects supporting academic and industrial partners, including collaboration on research. Product trialling includes composts, fertilisers, crop protection products and other types of retail products. We also work on comparative growing trials for the assessment of varieties for quality and merit, phenotyping and quality control assistance such as establishing authenticity of plant material.

  • Providing expert plant-based glasshouse services
  • Working with all horticultural and agricultural crops
  • State of the art facilities for projects tailored to individual requirements
  • High standards of bio security and traceability
  • All work is strictly confidential
  • No marketing or promotion of products, just results

NIAB's glasshouse services include:

  • Experimental design
  • Impartial assessment
  • Phenotyping
  • Data handling and analysis
  • Genetic resource maintenance
  • Propagation including micro–propagation
  • Seed production
  • Additional analytical services available via NIAB LabTest

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NIAB has 2,200m2 of specialist glasshouses and plant growing facilities, including spore-proof growth rooms, growth chambers, containment compartments and vernalisation areas.

The technology installed in each of the glasshouses allows different environmental conditions to be created to suit the diverse range of plant material NIAB works with. This technology includes thermal roof shades, air conditioning, blackout screens, night break lighting, various automatic irrigation systems, as well as supplementary lighting of different types and intensities including LED.

These facilities are supported by a further 7,400m2 of buildings, glasshouse headers, laboratories, delivery areas, specialist photographic rooms, chemical stores, seed stores, seed handling areas and offices for research and sample handling in support of our operations. NIAB’s BREEAM award-winning conference centre, the Sophi Taylor Building, based alongside our glasshouse complex completes the package of facilities on offer to our customers.