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Research update - March 2020

Due to the difficulties in crossing distantly related plant species, the NIAB team is performing crosses to cultivated beans to get a picture of how easy these plants are to work with for plant breeders, and exploring the genomes of the hybrid beans to understand how the different parental genomes combined together to produce these hybrids. When the beans arrive in Cambridge they are grown in greenhouse conditions to mimic their natural environment and are assessed for their responses to a set of fungal diseases. Characteristics associated with drought tolerance arealso be measured.

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February 2020 visit to CIAT's Tenerife Station in Colombia

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The visit allowed the NIAB team (Sarah Dyer, Jane Thomas and Tom Wood) to study hybrid beans being grown in one of CIAT’s experimental stations where special adaptations have been made to the mesh houses to ensure the valuable bean plants flower and produce enough seed for evaluating traits of interest. The CIAT team, led by Marcela Santaella and Peter Wenzl, are taking measurements to describe how the plants grow and the health and viability of the seeds are thoroughly checked before the beans are shipped to Cambridge in the UK.

May 2019 visit to CIAT's Carrizal Station in Colombia

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