Executive team

Professor Xiangming Xu

Former Head of Science at NIAB’s horticultural centre at East Malling in Kent, Xiangming is responsible for developing and delivering the strategy for research activities across the whole of NIAB. This is in addition to his role in co-ordinating research activities at East Malling.

Nick Watson

Nick manages the service delivery from NIAB’s Field Trial, Glasshouse and Laboratory teams covering agricultural and horticultural crop species. He ensure NIAB works with industry to find solutions for the efficacy testing or evaluation of their material, technology or variety, ensures projects are run efficiently, cost effectively and successfully and acts as the channel for new customers to rapidly get connected with the correct specialist and determine their needs.

Dr Juno McKee

As Director of NIAB Ventures Juno provides leadership for NIAB's growth and development and engages in a broad range of innovation, commercial and commercialisation activities across crops with different teams and industry partners. Juno is responsible for developing and maintaining income streams based on NIAB's expertise and IP and supports the organisation in both internal and external facing programmes associated with market analysis, strategy development, product commercialisation as well as mergers, acquisitions and divestments.

Mark Leaman

Mark is on the NIAB Executive and is responsible for all facilities across the Group, trials and farm operations at Cambridge and East Malling and health and safety.

Professor Mario Caccamo


Professor Mario Caccamo was appointed as the Head of Crop Bioinformatics at NIAB in 2015, Managing Director of NIAB EMR in 2017 and NIAB CEO in October 2021.

A computer scientist by training, Mario has over 20 years’ experience in life science research and big data, including specific projects to apply the latest DNA sequencing technologies and bioinformatics methods to advance scientific understanding of crop genetics and the interaction of agricultural crops with their environment.

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