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Innovation in data analytics

NIAB is committed to exploiting our unique knowledge of crop agronomy and plant science for the benefit of agricultural and horticultural production.

NIAB Digital improves farm business performance through data integration alongside crop decision support tools, with services including ActivSmart and Potato Crop Management. Available on PC, smartphone and tablet, NIAB Digital is built on the KisanHub platform of core technologies which makes it easy to aggregate data from different sources, with simple to use dynamic interfaces.

Already available to NIAB TAG members, new subscribers will have access to their own secure, private account with; digital field mapping, NIAB modelling tools for field and crop specific agronomy, satellite imagery and UAV upload, farm and crop data collection and storage, field specific weather, and crowd-sourced crop, pest and disease information.

Discover the additional NIAB Digital services:

 ActivSmart  Digital Farm
 NIAB Digital Potato Crop Management  NIAB Digital Trial

  Download the full NIAB Digital booklet (pdf)


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