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Cambridge Centre for Crop Science - 3CS

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The Cambridge Centre for Crop Science is a partnership between the University of Cambridge and NIAB
that will enhance research in crop sciences, promote knowledge exchange and develop resilience in food security.

Why 3CS?Cambridge Centre for Crop Science

Huge demands will be placed on global agriculture in the coming generations. Increasing prosperity, changing lifestyle aspirations and urbanisation are putting pressure on land use and biodiversity.

Climate change and degradation of ecosystems make it ever more difficult to meet global demand for food where the number of undernourished people in the world currently is estimated at 925 million. Whereas meeting this challenge will require economic, political and infrastructural shifts, feeding the world’s population will for the most part rely on increasing our crop yields. This in turn will rely on making significant progress in the fundamental science of plants, microbes and soils.

The goal of sustainable crop production and equitable food distribution will require a new generation to be trained in modern biotechnology and traditional plant breeding.

Established in 2015 the collaboration between The University of Cambridge’s Department of Plant Sciences, the Sainsbury Laboratory and NIAB will advance scientific capacity and replace lost expertise, by offering opportunities for career progression and enhancement.



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