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Dr Phil Howell

Programme Leader - Cereals Pre-BreedingDr Phil Howell

T: +44 (0)1223 342488
E: Phil Howell

Phil has over 20 years experience in crop genetic improvement within both the public and private sectors, including ten years breeding wheat at Syngenta which led to several varieties including ‘Duxford’, ‘Gallant’ and ‘Denman’. He has been part of NIAB’s cereal pre-breeding team since 2007, with particular involvement in three major pre-breeding projects funded by the BBSRC Crop Science Initiative: Ppd pre-breeding (a dissection of flowering time, and exploitation of CIMMYT resynthesised wheat material), the Smart Carbohydrate Centre (development of UK-adapted recombinant spring barley lines with novel starch characteristics) and developing MAGIC populations in wheat.

Current projects include WISH (a BBSRC Super Follow-On Fund project working with commercial wheat breeders KWS, Limagrain and RAGT to further explore the potential of  SHW-derived lines developed within the Ppd pre-breeding project) and the BBSRC public-good wheat pre-breeding programme, LoLa-WISP (

Recent publications

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