With a focus on the horticultural production-to-supply chain, particularly in soft and top fruit, NIAB EMR tackles the challenges associated with climate change, food security, food chain quality and resource use efficiency, to optimise economic and environmental sustainability in crops.

It also specialises in the ecology of pests and pathogens of perennial horticultural and clonal crops and the environmental and biotic factors which affect them.

FOCUS ON: Improving UK wine production

The UK is becoming increasingly recognised for its good quality wines. However, consistency and finest quality remain a challenge in our cool climate. The NIAB EMR research vineyard, the first of its kind in the UK and supported by the East Malling Viticulture Research Consortium, aims to ensure the best yield of the best quality grapes from UK vineyards and to increase sustainability through scientific research. Planted in 2015 the vineyard is for both scientific and demonstration purposes. It ensures NIAB EMR research is directly applicable to commercial vineyards and provides an essential tool to test upstream innovative practices and novel research ideas to the rapidly growing UK wine sector.

FOCUS ON: Reducing water consumption

The NIAB EMR Water Efficient Technologies (WET) Centre showcases the latest developments in irrigation management and moisture sensing technologies in fruit crops on a commercial scale. Opened in July 2017 the Centre aims to reduce the amount of water needed to grow high quality, full flavoured, fruit while at the same time optimising the yield of the crop. It brings together applied research with new technologies in IT and data management with resulting reductions in water, fertiliser, pesticide and energy use and increases in yield.