Dr Michael Gifford


Michael joined NIAB as Director of Commercialisation in March 2019. His role is to develop revenue streams based on the research and intellectual property being developed within NIAB. Within this he manages much of the SME engagement, is active in developing spin-out opportunities and is leading the development of Barn4, a new agri-tech incubator on NIAB’s campus in Cambridge.

Dr Juno McKee

As Director of NIAB Ventures Juno provides leadership for NIAB's growth and development and engages in a broad range of innovation, commercial and commercialisation activities across crops with different teams and industry partners. Juno is responsible for developing and maintaining income streams based on NIAB's expertise and IP and supports the organisation in both internal and external facing programmes associated with market analysis, strategy development, product commercialisation as well as mergers, acquisitions and divestments.

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