Exploiting novel wheat genotypes for regenerative agriculture

Young wheat plants growing in a field in the UK

In this new project funded by The Morley Agricultural Foundation (TMAF) and the JC Mann Trust, NIAB will conduct multi-disciplinary research encompassing agronomy, genetics and molecular plant physiology to assess novel wheat genotypes in regenerative agriculture conditions.

Following a rotation based on winter wheat, trials will rotate across well-characterised experimental sites in East Anglia, with a known history of management. Fully replicated plot trials will evaluating the performance of new wheat genetic material (including resynthesised wheat (SHW) lines), under regenerative agricultural practices and lower nitrogen inputs.

Video: Nitrogen utilisation in winter wheat under a regen ag system


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Project duration

September 2022 to August 2028 

Expected outputs

NIAB aims to support growers and agronomists to produce high quantity and quality grains at low cost, and with limited environmental impact.

Previous research

New Farming Systems research
Designing Future Wheat


Dr Nathan Morris
Dr Stéphanie Swarbreck