Malling™ Charm

Early season primocane variety, best suited to cool climates.


Fruit quality

Malling™ Charm has very attractive pale bright fruit, with excellent eating quality that is very sweet and juicy. The variety has large berries, with a mean berry weight of 6.7 g, that are fast to pick.     

Production period        

An early primocane-fruiting variety, Malling™ Charm is best suited to cool climates. It is not suitable for double cropping.

Growth habit                

Malling™ Charm has a compact growth habit, with upright canes that display fruit well, providing for fast picking.

Disease resistance      

No disease resistance testing has yet been undertaken. However, no problems have been reported from trial sites or nursery beds.

Download the Malling™ Charm Technical Sheet 

Year of release: 2017

For further information and licensing enquiries contact licensing [at] (Malling™ Fruits)