Martina Capozzi

Research assistant – plant physiology and pathology molecular biologist

Research interests

Nitrogen response in wheat and other crops; sustainable agricultural practises; arbuscular mycorrhizae.

Research projects

Wheat decision: to respond or not respond to available nitrogen; Duration: March 2022-2025; Partners:  NIAB (lead); Funding: BBSRC


Carotenuto Gennaro; Chabaud Mireille; Miyata Kana; Capozzi Martina; Takeda Naoya; Kaku Hanae; Shibuya Naoto; Nakagawa Tomomi; Barker David; Genre Andrea. The rice LysM receptor-like kinase OsCERK1 is required for the perception of short-chain chitin oligomers in arbuscular mycorrhizal signaling (June 2017) New Phytologist