Ece Imam Moustafa

PhD student - East Malling

Ece works in NIAB's Crop Science and Production Systems department in East Malling, specialising in plant physiology.

Research projects

Title: Improving cane crop resilience by overcoming the legacy effects on photosynthesis from short-term stresses
Partners: NIAB , University of Essex, AHDB & Berry Gardens
Funders:  BBSRC, CTP-FCR

Recent publications

Shukla, M.K., Watanabe, A., Wilson, S., Giovagnetti, V., Moustafa, E.I, Minagawa, J. and Ruban, A.V. (2020). A novel method produces native light-harvesting complex II aggregates from the photosynthetic membrane revealing their role in nonphotochemical quenching. J Biol Chem, 295(51), pp. 17816-17826.

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