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Trait information

Trait: Rachilla hair type

The rachilla is the diminuative axis of spikelets in grass species, and in barley is reduced to a rod-shaped organ. Genetic variation is found for the length of hairs found on the barley rachilla. A Mendelian genetic locus controlling this trait has been identified on chromosome 5H, termed SHORT RACHILLA HAIR (SRH), with recessive alleles confering short multicellular hairs, instead of long unicellular hairs.

This triat is scored during national varietal registration trials, as described by UPOV guidelines: "Grain: rachilla hair type" (UPOV character 22. Scores: 1 = short, 2 = long).


Marker list

  1. Hv11_10622_GA
  2. Hv11_20850_AG