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Marker assays currently available:

By trait

  1. Ear: number of rows (5)
  2. Anthocanin pigmentation (1)
  3. Hariness of leaf sheath (1)
  4. Aleurone colour (1)
  5. Lodicule disposition (2)
  6. Rachilla hair type (2)
  7. Sterile spikelet attitude (1)
  8. Grain ventral furrow hairs (1)
  9. Grain: spiculation of inner lateral nerves (1)
  10. Plant: Growth Habit (1)
  11. Seasonal Type (5)
  12. Time of ear emergence (2)
  13. Plant: length (2)

By map position:

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Hv11_10933_GCHvFT3_FC816AHvPPDH1_A2721GHvPPDH1_T3081GHv11_10818_CAHvVRS1_C349GHvVRS1_GINS681HvANT2_C4289THvCly1_A2604GHvCly1_A2664CHvSdw1_AGHvBRI1_A2570GHvINTC_C124GHvINTC_C498THv11_20606_GCHvOs03g14380_G125AHv11_11299_GCHv11_20850_AGHv11_10622_GAHvVRNH1_SNP2HvVRNH1_0P5_InDelHvVRNH1_Hap2_InDelHvOs02g01490_G607AHvVRNH3_G585CHvVRNH3_A471TGraphical representation of marker assays

All assays presented here are public domain SNPs or INDELs validated for the purposes of MAS in a UK/European context using the KASPAR dual-colour fluorescence allele-specific amplification chemistry developed by KBioscience.

For more information, see: Cockram J, Jones H, Norris C, O’Sullivan DM (2012). Evaluation of diagnostic molecular markers for DUS phenotypic assessment in the cereal crop, barley (Hordeum vulgare ssp. vulgare L.). Theor Appl Genet,125: 1735-1749. doi: 10.1007/s00122-012-1950-3.