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Trait information

Trait: Grain: spiculation of inner lateral nerves

The grain lemma nerves vary for the absence or increasing presence of spiculation (small barbs). A Mendelian genetic locus (Gth) controlling this trait has been identified on chromosome 2H. Recessive alleles at the Gth locus result in the loss of lateral nerve spiculation.

This triat is scored during national varietal registration trials, as described by UPOV guidelines: "Grain: spiculation of inner lateral nerves" (UPOV character 25. Scores: 1 = absent/very weak [0-1 per nerve]; 2 = very weak to weak; 3 = weak; 4 = weak to medium; 5 = medium; 6 = medium to strong; 7 = strong; 8 = strong to very strong; 9 = very strong [>10 per nerve]).


Marker list

  1. Hv11_10818_CA