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Trait information

Trait: Sterile spikelet attitude

The barley inflorescence (ear) is composed of a series of triplets, each with one central and two lateral spikelets, arranged along a central rachis.  The wild-type triplet consists of a central fertile spikelet, flanked by two sterile spikelets (‘2-row’ barley). The attitude of the sterile spikelets in relation to the vertical rachis axis commonly varies. This trait is thought to be at least partially controlled by allelic variation at the VRS1 locus controlling ear row-number on chromosome 2H, and an unknown locus (possible VRS3) on chromosome 1H.

This triat is scored during national varietal registration trials, as described by UPOV guidelines: "Sterile spikelet attitude: mid 1⁄3 of ear" (UPOV character 20. Scores: 1 = parallel; 2 = parallel or weakly divergent; 3 = divergent).


Marker list

  1. Hv11_10933_GC