NIAB - National Institute of Agricultural Botany

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Contact us

Huntingdon Road
Cambridge CB3 0LE UK

T: +44 (0)1223 342200
F: +44 (0)1223 277602

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Staff contact details

CEO Dr Tina Barsby
NIAB CUF Dr Marc Allison
Analytical Services and NIAB LabTest Miss Helen Appleyard
Finance Mrs Susan Arnold
Head of Genetics and Breeding Dr Alison Bentley
Facilities Manager Mr Gary Bignell
Facilities Deputy Manager Mr Stephen Scarr
Regional Agronomist Miss Emily Borton
Senior Research Scientist Dr Lesley Boyd
NIAB Ventures Dr Sean Butler
NIAB EMR Managing Director
Head of Crop Bioinformatics
Prof Mario Caccamo

Technical Director

Mr Bill Clark
Programme Leader Dr James Cockram
Regional Centre - Kirton Mr Shaun Coleman
Regional Agronomist - South Mr Steve Cook
Regional Centre - Sutton Scotney Mrs Lauren Edwards
NIAB CUF Dr David Firman
ISO Quality System and H&S Mr Stephen Flack
Analytical Services - Park Farm Mr Pete Fletcher
Programme Leader - Quantitative Genetics Dr Keith Gardner
Seed Certification Miss Jenny Hankin
UKCPVS Project Leader
Cereal Pathologist
Dr Sarah Holdgate
Programme Leader - Cereals Pre-Breeding Dr Phil Howell
Regional Centre - Telford Ms Catherine Johnson
Oilseed and pulse crops Mr Simon Kightley
Deputy Director Mr Stuart Knight
Cereal crops Mrs Clare Leaman
Eastern Trials Operations
Farm and Glass Services
Mr Mark Leaman
Senior Research Scientist Dr Fiona Leigh
Head of Communications
Press & media
Mrs Ros Lloyd
Regional Centre - Newton Abbot Mr Mark Wavish
Official Seed Testing Station Miss Linda Maile
Head of Business Development Dr Juno McKee
NIAB TAG Membership Office Mrs Mary McPhee
Farming Systems and Soils Specialist Mr Nathan Morris
NIAB EMR Mr Ross Newham
Vegetable Specialist Mr Bruce Napier

Chief Operating Officer
Operations and Facilities

Mr David Neill
Marketing and Communications Mrs Pherenice Noble
Programme Leader - Crop Physiology Dr Eric Ober
Regional Centre - Morley Ms Rebecca Owles
Regional Agronomist - West Mr Richard Overthrow

Glasshouse Facilities

Mrs Hilary Papworth

Head of Trials Delivery - Cambridge
Southern Trials Operations
Potatoes - varieties & trials

Miss Hannah Parish
Western Trials Operations
Regional Centre - Hereford
Mr Mike Perry
ARTIS course bookings and administration Miss Alise Petrie-Symes
ARTIS Marketing and Sales Mrs Claire Pumfrey
Northern Trials Operations
Regional Centre - Benniworth
Miss Hayley Rhodes

DUS - Agricultural Crops
Ornamental Crops

Miss Elizabeth Scott

NIAB Innovation Farm
Eastern Agri-Tech Innovation Hub

Dr Lydia Smith
NIAB CUF Dr Mark Stalham
Regional Agronomist - North Mr Patrick Stephenson
Head of Farming Systems Dr Elizabeth Stockdale
Directors' Office Miss Teresa Stratton
Forage Specialist Miss Ellie Sweetman
Field Crop Research and Pathology Dr Jane Thomas
Business Development Mr Steven Tompkins
Programme Leader - Genetics and Breeding Dr Kay Trafford
Regional Agronomist - South East Mr Keith Truett
Crop Transformation Team      
Regional Agronomist - East Mr Andrew Watson
Contract Trials Mr Nick Watson
Senior Molecular Pathologist Dr Tom Wood
TAG Consulting Mr Chris Winney