Italian rye-grass survey

Italian rye-grass in a wheat field

Why does NIAB need your Italian rye-grass seeds? 

NIAB will be testing different herbicides and needs a good supply of weed seed in each sample (around a coffee mug full, or more if manageable) to complete all tests. Allow the samples to dry for a few days in a breathable bag or an open tray before sending. Download and fill in this form and include one with each sample, sending it to - John Cussans, NIAB, 93 Lawrence Weaver Road, Cambridge, CB3 0LE

In the video, Weed Management Specialist, John Cussans, explains more about the survey and how to take a sample suitable for testing.

Thanks to Bayer Crop Science for their help with the project.

Intro to the survey from NIAB's John Cussans:


Bayer Crop Science's Lindy Blanchard and NIAB's John Cussan's explain why we're running the survey and how you can get involved:


How to take a seed sample for the survey: