Unique colour and taste

Sunburst® is a unique apple variety with an exceptional combination of taste, appearance and heritage that will appeal to a wide range of consumers and is ideal for the fresh, added-value and process markets.

Bursting with colours and flavours Sunburst® is putting the wow factor into apples.

  • Pink on the inside
  • Exceptional sweet-tasting variety
  • Very juicy with crisp and crunchy texture
  • Wonderful aroma

Technical specifications

  • Sunburst®'s cold hardiness is at least to USDA Zone 8
  • There is no noted disease and pest resistance/susceptibility
  • The variety averages 2.55 m in height and 1.42 m in width
  • Sunburst®'s bearing is predominantly spur-bearing, with some bearing on tips
  • The ground colour of skin is an orange yellow (168B*), with an over-colour of skin: pink orange (179B), and a pattern of over-colour: blush with some mottling. The colour of the flesh is a blend of 180D and 179B, core 161D

* Colours are based on the RHS Colour Chart

Sunburst®'s code name: E756-36

Year of release: 2018 

Commercial opportunities

Bred by the UK fruit research organisation NIAB EMR, Sunburst® is protected globally with world-wide licencing opportunities.

UK and France license holder: Scion Fruit Ltd

For further information and licensing enquiries contact licensing [at] (Malling Fruits)