Malling™ Centenary

Early-mid season Junebearer
Exceptional fruit quality
Large and juicy fruit
Well presented for fast picking


Malling™ Centenary Grower Guidelines

Malling™ Centenary Technical Sheet

Fruit quality

Malling™ Centenary has excellent overall fruit quality, with firm, attractive berries with very regular shape and excellent flavour. Fruit size is excellent with 60-65% of berries produced being >35mm. This trait, combined with its upright plant habit, good fruit display and high % Class 1, allows for rapid harvesting and reduced picking costs.

Production period

Malling™ Centenary is an early-mid season June-bearer, typically cropping four days ahead of Elsanta in the UK.

Growth habit

The variety produces good plants with a similar vigour to Elsanta, but with bigger leaves. Malling™ Centenary has faster picking, with speeds of 30-40 kg/hr common on tabletop systems. It is also suitable for glasshouse and protected outside production.

Disease resistance

Malling™ Centenary has intermediate resistance to powdery mildew.  However, the variety is susceptible to root diseases and this should be considered when selecting production sites and plant treatments.


Year of release: 2013

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