NIAB - Latest news and events The latest news and events from the National Institute of Agricultural Botany 04/03/2019 : NIAB launches open access wheat pedigree resource 21/01/2019 : Russell R. Geiger Professorship of Crop Science 18/01/2019 : NEWS: BCPC launches the 2019 UK Pesticide Guide 14/12/2018 : NEWS: Northern conference to deliver outlook on UK science and farming future 09/11/2018 : NEWS: BCPC partners with NIAB to boost provision of independent agri-science information 12/10/2018 : Dr Tina Barsby has been confirmed as a board member of new LEP 04/10/2018 : Breakthrough in gene editing research at NIAB 02/10/2018 : NIAB EMR NEWS: Seaweed could be key to lower nutrient and water use in horticulture 24/09/2018 : NIAB EMR NEWS: Pink Sunburst apple picked and ready 13/09/2018 : NEWS: Mark Leaman is NIAB’s Director of Resource Management