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NIAB is committed to connecting research excellence in crop science to targets that have relevance to agricultural, food and other stakeholders who use plants and plant products. NIAB’s research programmes underpin its service businesses, creates new opportunities and address its charitable objectives.

NIAB’s position as a long standing provider of services to the agricultural industry, and its establishment of a major research programme in pre-breeding means that it is ideally placed to capitalize on the changing needs of society that is dictated by the needs for a secure and sustainable supply of food from an agricultural base which has a minimal impact on the environment, and for crops which assist in adaptation to and mitigation of climate change.

The integration of The Arable Group (TAG) in September 2009 leaves NIAB uniquely placed to be capable of taking new genetic developments through appropriate agronomy to the farmers’ field. This degree of integration between science and practice is not currently found in other UK Institutes or Universities at the depth, scale or speed required for delivery into industry.

Our Genetics and Breeding Research and Crops and Agronomy Research programmes span basic, applied and translational research in a wide variety of crops.

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