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Crops & Agronomy Research


  • A major contributor to R&D in UK agriculture
  • Works within the whole industry to develop key research areas
  • Reports a wide range of ongoing independent field studies
  • Takes a leading role in knowledge transfer
  • Provides bespoke research services for groups and businesses

Crops and Agronomy Research aims to champion the role of independent agronomic research in UK agriculture. It brings together NIAB TAG’s network of field-based variety evaluation and crop husbandry research and its expertise in interpretation and dissemination, with the specialist field and laboratory capabilities of NIAB's plant pathology team.

Crops and Agronomy Research is funded from charitable, levy or government and industry sources, often in collaboration with partner organisations and institutions, to undertake the strategic agronomic research projects that develop as part of its research strategy.

Research is also funded by NIAB TAG members according to their specific needs and reported only to them.

In addition the Crops and Agronomy team conducts and reports commercial contract research, including laboratory studies, field trials and literature reviews, either confidentially or with the facility to make this information more generally available.

To ensure that knowledge that is gained is transferred quickly and effectively back to the Industry, NIAB TAG takes a leading role in initiatives aimed at interpreting and disseminating the findings of key projects and studies.

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