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Dr Greg Mellers

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

T: 01223 342200
E: Greg Mellers

Greg Mellers, NIAB

Greg joined NIAB in 2017. His research at NIAB includes genome-wide association studies and genomic selection within a supervised machine-learning framework. The focus of his work centres on wheat using multi-founder advanced generation inter-cross (MAGIC) populations. These lines are used to investigate variation in photosynthesis and wheat inflorescence morphology with collaborators in the UK.

Greg also has involvement with the use of Brazilian wheat germplasm to identify routes to increased Fusarium disease resistance, as well as Oat research targeted toward improving breeding methods.

Research Projects

Exploiting natural and induced variation to increase Fusarium head blight and brusone resistance in wheat. Duration: 2016-2019. Partners: JIC (lead), NIAB, EI, Embrapa-Trigo. Funding: BBSRC (BB/N019113/1).

Photowheat: Exploiting variation in stomatal dynamics and ear photosynthesis to optimise wheat productivity. Duration: 2017-2020. Partners: Essex University (lead), NIAB, Bayer Crop Sciences NV. Funding: BBSRC (BB/N01698X/1). See also the project web page.

InnovOat: Developing enhanced breeding methodologies for oats for human health and nutrition. Duration: 2014-2019. Partners: IBERS (lead), JHI, NIAB, ADAS, Senova, British Oat Millers Association. Funding: BBS RC (BB/M000869/1). See also the project web page.