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Dr Parveen Chhuneja
Indian Co-I WP4

Parveen works on the utilisation of wild wheat progenitor and non-progenitor species for identification and transfer of disease resistance, quality and productivity traits into cultivated wheat. She has been involved in the successful transfer and mapping of leaf and stripe rust resistance genes from wheat relatives in collaboration with Drs Bikram Gill (KSU), Beat Keller (U. Zurich), Cristobal Uauy (JIC, UK) and Brande Wulff (JIC, UK). High grain weight and high grain micronutrient content have also been transferred from Aegilops tauschii to cultivated wheat.

Dr Satinder Kaur
Co-I WP1

Satinder works in the wheat wide hybridization programme on screening, identification, transfer and mapping of important genes from wild progenitor and non-progenitor species into cultivated wheat. SK leads three projects and is co-PI on four projects involving genomics of the leaf rust pathogen, and mapping QTLs conferring drought tolerance, heat tolerance and water use efficiency

Varinderpal Singh
Indian Co-I WP4

Varinderpal is working on improving N use efficiency in crops. This includes development of need based fertilizer N management strategies. He is actively involved in educating extension specialists and farmers to ensure the adoption of these technologies to minimize the release of reactive N to environment. He also contributed significantly to research on partial substitution of N and phosphorus through poultry manure. Recommendations from his findings have been included in the PAU Package of Practices. He also has projects on improving nutrient use efficiencies using mycorrhizal and nano zinc seed coatings in maize and wheat.

  Amritpal Kaur