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CINTRIN Partner - KisanHub

Sachin Shende
Kisan Hub WP5

Sachin holds a Ph.D. in Computational Hydraulics from Loughborough University, and prior to founding KisanHub in 2012, managed the development of research analytics platforms for Barclays Global Investors and BlackRock.

Vasudev Kumanduri
Kisan Hub WP5

CINTRIN project collaborators conduct fair number of trials and generate a lot of data. While central management of this data is the key, access management to the data and an advanced user friendly interface is equally important. This is in addition to providing critical features of value like sensor data interpolation, UAV image handling if available and importantly easy recording and viewing of protocol information and assessments on the trials. KisanHub provides this infrastructure for data management and access control through its robust cloud based platform.