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NIAB Ventures

To continue to expand and grow, NIAB explores new business models within the agritech sector, as an alternative to our traditional research-based services. Interaction with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is an important element, with NIAB Ventures investigating the potential for NIAB-based SMEs and ways in which we can work with other SMEs in the marketplace, including taking equity.

NIAB Ventures runs a scheme called Meeting of Minds. This is a no-cost way for SMEs to meet with NIAB experts and consultants to discuss their business and their technology. Companies benefit in terms of immediate feedback and ideas and the meetings often lead to some form of commercial association, for example work under joint grant-funded projects or use of specialist equipment and facilities. It is also a valuable opportunity to understand the types and range of innovative technology under development.

NIAB is also a founder member of Cambridge Agritech Ltd, an investment consortium seeking to invest in venture capital backed, innovative SMEs in the agricultural sector in the UK, Europe and US. Businesses are invited to pitch to members at quarterly meetings held at NIAB.

For NIAB Ventures or Cambridge Agritech please contact Sean Butler for further information.