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Are you working in Nitrogen Use Efficiency? Do you want to be involved? Leave your details with us.

Project Coordinator

Mariana Fazenda, Cambridge University

CINTRIN leaders

WP Work Package Contacts
WP1 Interdisciplinary research to prime the translation of biological N use UK Leader - Ottoline Leyser
India Leader - Manoj Prasad
UK Partners - SLCU, NIAB
India Partners - NIGPR, PAU, ICRISAT
WP2 Defining optimal N use by key cereal germplasm for UK and India UK Leader - Howard Griffiths
India Leader - Rakesh Srivastava
UK Partners - UCam, NIAB
India Partners - PAU, ICRISAT, NIPGR
WP3 Translational N germplasm for pre-breeding UK Leader - Alison Bentley, Emma Wallington
India Leader - Rajeev Gupta
UK Partners - NIAB
India Partners - ICRISAT
WP4 Field scale evaluation of optimal Nitrogen allocation in novel germplasm and identification of HYLO lines UK Leader - Howard Griffiths, Roger Bradley
India Leader - Parveen Chhuneja
UK Partners - UCam, ADAS
India PartnersPAU, ICRISAT
WP5 Resources for breeders and farmers – moving to the farmers field UK Leader - Tina Barsby, Sachin Shende
India Leader - Santosh Deshpande
UK Partners - NIAB, KisanHub
India Partners - ICRISAT
WP6 Building a wider CINTRIN network UK Leader - Mariana Fazenda
India Leader - Rajeev Gupta
UK Partners - ALL
India Partners - ALL