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How to get involved


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How to get involved

Are you working in Nitrogen Use Efficiency? Do you want to be involved? Leave your details with us.

The Network

CINTRIN will be the core of a growing Virtual Joint Centre in Agricultural Nitrogen Use by providing a mechanism for drawing together a wider network of scientists and collaborators.

The annual CINTRIN workshops will be central to the development and expansion of CINTRIN’s network in identifying new areas of research. Academic exchanges and training in India and in the UK, will be core to developing research collaborations widely, including outside of the starting partnership. The India-UK CINTRIN partnership represents a powerful alliance of academia, research institutes and business, and provides a timely demonstration of the synergy that arises when end-to-end approaches address specific targets for reducing the use of agricultural nitrogen by exploiting plant genetics.

Are you working in Nitrogen Use Efficiency? Do you want to be involved? Leave your details with us.

How to participate

Help us to consolidate CINTRIN as a community with a shared view to address the Nitrogen use challenges.

Be part of the CINTRIN network and you will:

  1. receive our quarterly newsletter
  2. be able to participate in our events
  3. be part of the CINTRIN N Map

Get in touch

We also want to hear from you so do get in touch.

  1. Share information on your research, findings, events and training courses you are organising so CINTRIN can highlight this within the community
  2. Contribute to our communications, sharing your views on recent publications, reports, policies, events, initiatives and trends to inspire and influence others
  3. Propose new questions or topics for the network to explore in our future events
  4. You can tell us about the events and training courses you are organizing, and CINTRIN will help promote them

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