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AHDB Management of Rotations - Grower Platform Survey

Thank you for visiting the Grower Platform survey download site. The 'Grower Platform' is a key component of a new Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board (AHDB) funded project on the Management of Rotations. The Grower Platform is a group of like-minded researchers, farmers, agronomists and businesses who have an interest in improving the agronomic and economic sustainability of UK farming.

Rotations survey

The survey information will be invaluable to understand the constraints on the long-term agronomic and economic viability of our farming systems. This understanding will be fed back to the Platform Members by regular meetings and news-letters to inform participants on the consequences of their current management decisions and to devise improved ones. More information is in the survey notes and instructions.

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Contact: Marc Allison at NIAB CUF
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