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PhD students funded by other programmes


Greg Reeves
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Cambridge University

Greg has a BSc in Genetics and MSc in Horticulture both from New Mexico State University where he studied the inheritance of disease resistance and spicy flavour in chilli peppers. He discovered a new gene that inhibits disease resistance, helped sequence the chilli pepper genome and developed one of the hottest peppers in the world. Additionally, he helped identify novel genes involved in photosynthesis from large-scale mutant screening in green algae at the Carnegie Institute for Science at Stanford University. At NIAB and the Department of Plant Sciences (University of Cambridge), he is investigating improving crop productivity by working towards transferring the more efficient C4 photosynthesis into less efficient C3 photosynthetic, yet economically important, crops--notably rice and wheat. Engineering C4 photosynthesis into C3 crops could potentially increase current yields by up to 50%, while adding greater nitrogen and water use efficiency. Upon completion of a PhD, Greg aspires to become a plant breeder.

Supervisor: Dr Alison Bentley