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Fast and easy barley variety identification - online and interactive

barley-id from NIAB is indispensable for anyone involved in the transport, trading, marketing and processing of barley where varietal identity is essential.

Available on subscription and on-line barley-id is a concise interactive programme. It will improve confidence in recognising grain characters that identify a variety and replaces the traditional detailed paper-based identification process.

barley-id can:Barley grain - short and long haired rachilla

  • Identify barley grain samples quickly and accurately;
  • Ensure barley samples are the correct variety before loading or unloading, avoiding costly errors;
  • Act as a training tool for staff new to grain identification;
  • Provide comprehensive descriptions of over 50 barley varieties grown in the UK and updated annually;
  • Allow users to select observable characters to quickly identify a sample.

barley-id is available on annual subscription via

For further information contact: Claire Carpenter by email or 01223 342353