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Breeders' Toolkit

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NIAB DFW Breeders Diversity Toolkits

In order to facilitate the deployment of novel genetic variation into the wheat breeding and scientific communities, we have developed a number of toolkits to provide interested parties the most relevant material we have identified within the DFW project. Details of how to order any of this material can be found at the bottom of this page.

NIAB DFW Primary Synthetics

NIAB has developed a unique resource of 54 synthetic wheat’s using novel sources of A.tauschii germplasm. Recreating the original hybridization event between durum wheat and A.tauschii has enabled us to capture extensive D genome genetic diversity in a stable hexaploid genome.

NIAB DFW Breeders Toolkit 1

The following 48 lines were selected in the field during harvests 2015 and 2016 as some of the most promising material coming from the NIAB synthetic and tetraploid pillars within DFW. These materials are derived from crosses between diverse donor lines (either new synthetics from our resynthesis programme, or tetraploid wheat’s: durum, wild emmer and cultivated emmer) and the UK varieties Robigus (winter background) or Paragon (spring background). Typically they were selected for high yield potential, high biomass, good disease resistance or a combination of these characteristics. We hope to release new lines each year through the toolkit in this way.

NIAB DFW Breeders Toolkit 2

The following 228 lines were selected in the field during harvests 2017 and 2018. These selections have been made from our synthetic and tetraploid backcross programme and contain both Robigus (winter) and Paragon (spring) derived material. As in toolkit one, these selections have been made on increased yield potential, high biomass, disease resistance or a combination of these traits. The majority of these lines were selected at Bc1 F5. We expect to release further NIAB DFW toolkit lines in 2019.

NIAB DFW seed requests

To request any of the primary synthetic seed and/or breeders toolkit seed please copy and paste your selections onto the MTA, attach your electronic signature and complete the contact details. Email the completed MTA to Please note that we can only provide small quantities of seed – typically this will be 5 seeds per primary synthetic line and 15-20 seeds per breeders toolkit line.

We would appreciate any feedback relating to phenotype traits that may be assessed on this material. To standardise this process we have created a basic phenotyping spreadsheet that can be used to establish a database with useful information on this material.