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Download Genedrop (for Microsoft Windows, includes source code)
To run, extract the zip file to your computer and run GeneDrop.exe inside the GeneDrop folder

GeneDrop runs gene dropping simulations for any supplied pedigree structure and genotype data.

Features/characteristics of simulation:

  • Can simulate multiple chromosomes
  • Cannot simulate loci with missing data, either put in dummy data or exclude from data-set
  • All loci are assumed to be biallelic, can use very tightly-linked markers to simulate polymorphic loci.
  • Simulates only diploid organisms
  • Uses the Haldane Mapping Function to convert genetic distances into recombination fractions
  • Assumes uniform fitness landscape for simulated genotypes (i.e. only genetic drift, no selection)


Author: James Elderfield (
Maintained by: NIAB (

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