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1. Generation of synthetic hexaploid wheat lines

1.1 Selection of Diploid and Tetraploid Donor Lines
•    50 Ae. tauschii  selected from collection of 430 accessions.
•    3 T. durum identified as tetraploid parent.

1.2 Generation of New SHW and Crossing with Hexaploid Bread Wheat
•    15 D genome donors captured in novel SHW
•    61 F1 created capturing all available SHW with Paragon or Robigus
•    33 SHW backcrossed to Paragon or Robigus
•    SSD underway from BC1F2 of 9 BC1F1

1. 3 Crossing Hexaploid Bread Wheat with Tetraploid Emmer and Durum Donor Lines
•    Methodology developed for TxHW
•    F1s created capturing 29 domesticated tetraploids (15 in both Paragon and Robigus) and 27 wild emmers (14 in both Paragon and Robigus)
•    BC1F2 created for 3 combinations
•    10 domesticated emmers, 34 wild emmers and 2 durum wheats evaluated for photosynthetic efficiency traits

1.4 Field Plots and Line Progression
•    Autumn sown tussock trials in 2010-2011 and 2011-2012.
•    Both provided excellent evaluation of morphological traits and disease resistance in tetraploid accessions.  
•    Germination and establishment of Ae. tauschii was very poor in both years and little data was generated. 

2. Development of wild emmer mapping populations

•    13 different F1s produced capturing maximum diversity from 161 T. dicoccoides  accessions studied by NIAB and JIC
•    F2 seed produced from each F1 cross
•    4 crosses to be taken forwards through SSD 

3. Development of single chromosome founder lines (CSSLS)

3.1.  D genome donor
•    Backcrossing SHW containing initial D genome donor JIC2220007 to paragon aborted because of low SNP polymorphisms between 2 parents
•    SHW with 4 different D genomes evaluated by UoB to identify maximum D genome diversity
•    Backcrossing between 2 SHW and Paragon now underway.

3.2 AB donor
•    Ttd140 crossed to Paragon.
•    140 BC1 created. Further F1s will be backcrossed to augment number of BC1 available.  
•    Suite of evenly distributed SNPs identified by UoB for evaluating genome coverage.
•    BAC library completed and publically available.

4.  Outreach

Paper will be published in TAG; A strategy for exploiting exotic germplasm using genetic, morphological and environmental diversity: the Aegilops tauschii Coss. example.’