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Some of the characteristics of globalisation are reflected in the capability and experience of NIAB: driven by technology and the spread of ideas, management of change and uncertainty, assisting the proliferation of global agreements and treaties and wider dissemination of information.

Specific assignments are undertaken to provide staff and support, or to participate as a partner in, aid-funded technical assistance projects or training programmes.

NIAB’s focus is on providing tangible benefits and outcomes in:

  • Capacity building and institutional reform
  • Regulation and international harmonisation
  • Plant health, seed quality and rural infrastructure
  • Technology transfer and information dissemination

Please contact Stephen Flack for further information.

Training rural communities

In addition to NIAB’s work with aid-funded technical projects the National Institute of Agricultural Botany Trust has funded staff to help with an experimental farm project in a village in Moldova, one of Europe’s poorest and least developed countries. The aim was to introduce local producers to new crop species and new varieties that could significantly improve local agricultural productivity.

The mini-research site aims to extend the growing season over which food may be sustainably produced. The ongoing trials will look at drought tolerant varieties and the potential of new crops not traditionally grown, such as perennial ryegrasses to produce better quality grass leys and clovers to fix nitrogen and increase protein in animal diets. Maize and grasses were planted for field experimentation on the two hectare plot of land donated for the project, and vegetable seeds were given to local smallholders. The team left behind a group of villagers who were trained to continue the field trials and technical work.